#1 Source To Sell a Business in Louisville

Selling Your Business

Selling a business at the highest possible price in the shortest amount of time takes a proven system orchestrated by the best professionals in the industry.

At Louisville Business Brokers, we know there are no shortcuts to selling a business. We know that it takes hard work, persistence, and experience to sell a business to the right buyer at the best price.

We know these things because we have been doing them since we started in 2005 and have been the #1 business broker in Louisville since then. No other firm will give you the personal service and stay on top all matters pertaining to the sale of your business than Louisville Business Brokers.

Why use us?

Confidentiality: We maintain the strictest of confidentiality when selling your business. We do not want employees, customers, competitors, or suppliers to even have the slightest hint that your business is for sale. All buyers must sign a confidentiality agreement and be financially qualified in order to even be considered to be in a discussion about the generic nature of the sale of your business.

People: Our brokers have all owned and sold their own businesses in manufacturing, distribution, service, and retailing. We not only possess the skills and experience to provide the best results possible, but we also possess the experience and knowledge to guide you through the complicated process of maximizing the value of selling your business.

Marketing: No other firm markets the way we do. Our marketing process creates a demand for your company not found with other firms.

Our research proactively identifies every possible buyer for your company. We don’t simply post a listing on our website and hope buyers find it. From our over 7,000 buyer database, 40 internet sites that we list our businesses on, strategic marketing plans, social media, networking, and old fashioned “getting on the phone and calling people”, we cast the widest possible net to find the right buyer.