#1 Source To Sell a Business in Louisville

The most common questions that we are asked from business sellers are “What is my business worth?” and “How do you go about determining an asking price for my business?” At Louisville Business Brokers we believe in answering that question before the sales process even starts. There is no cost or obligation for the business valuation and the strictest of confidentiality is always enforced.

Establishing an accurate fair market value for your business is critical to the sales process. The goal is to create a value that will hold up to scrutiny and defend the asking price for the business. Our valuation professional utilizes several different methods that include the financial performance of the company, equipment value, goodwill, intellectual property, and more. The ability to determine the value of a business is both an art and a science and requires years of practical experience which we have at Louisville Business Brokers.

We will begin by requesting some basic financial and operational information for your business. We will recast your financials to provide a clear picture of the true earnings of the business. Next, we analyze the growth potential of the business within your industry and review the sales of similar companies.

Our results will illustrate the market value for your business. We will describe the entire process that we utilize in selling your business and how we maintain the strictest of confidentiality.

We believe strongly in giving you a fair and honest picture of the value of your business and how we will approach the sale, prior to you making any commitment. Again, all of this is accomplished, at no charge or obligation.

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